Weekly Update #4: A ‘Lazy’ Week

This week was a bit of a wash fitness-wise, thanks to a mad dash to get my Halloween costume ready for Saturday night, so this is going to be a pretty short update. Because I didn’t go to the gym much this week (only one day out of my goal of three!) I wasn’t able to see if I’d shaken off my funk from last week. I did get to thinking, however, that my funk might be partially due to a lack of solid goals so I’m going to spend some time this upcoming week planning some goals that I can work towards and see if that helps.

Monday: Back, Biceps, and Shoulders

My head felt mostly in the game on Monday and I was able to have a pretty good focus on what I was doing. I had to wait for some of the machines that I wanted to use which left me having to think of another exercise to do on the spot while I waited. Overall a pretty good workout. I did manage to move up to 3×8 @ 40 lbs for my military press! Continue reading “Weekly Update #4: A ‘Lazy’ Week”


Doubt, The Asshole

Running – like life – has both its ups and downs. The ironic thing is that in running it’s the downhills that you look forward to. Downhills are easy: you can catch your breath a little bit and savour the ease at which you cover ground while gravity does a fair share of the work. Running up a hill is a different story, however, as gravity tries to pull you back down and you struggle to keep your legs churning to reach the top.

Well I’ve been stuck on a bit of an uphill for the last little while with my running. Ever since I did that 10k (yes I know that was a month ago) I have been having the hardest time running even the shortest distances. I can’t even finish a 5k before my breath is coming out in tight wheezes, I’m mentally exhausted, and my legs feel like they’re made of iron (as in they are very, very heavy, not that they are super strong). Continue reading “Doubt, The Asshole”