Recipe: Breakfast Egg Muffins

I am constantly on the hunt for things to eat for breakfast that are healthy, tasty, and have a bunch of protein in them to keep me feeling full and awake until I can eat my next snack/meal. Some of my favourites are cottage cheese with fruit/nuts, oatmeal, toast with avocado and tomato, and of course eggs in any form. A few months ago I started a new job which completely threw my leisurely morning routine out the window and I don’t have much time in the morning to make things that take a while (like eggs), so when I found Averie Cooks’ recipe for these cute little egg/omelet muffins that you could heat up in the microwave I knew I had to try them. Continue reading “Recipe: Breakfast Egg Muffins”


Weekly Update #3

I made my target of three workouts again this week, but I had a hard time motivating myself or getting really excited about being at the gym, which is abnormal for me. I know some people find it really hard to get themselves to the gym, but I’m not usually one of those people. Wednesday was a little closer to normal, I was really itching to get to the gym during the day, but when I got there all the wind kind of left my sails. Hopefully I can either shake this funk or figure out what’s causing it so I can get back to feeling excited about my workouts.

Monday: Chest & Shoulders

I had a really hard time getting my head in the game today. I knew I was going to the gym but couldn’t decide which muscle group I wanted to work on. I didn’t want to do a big leg workout because there were still some muscle groups that I wanted to hit before starting my cycle over (leg workouts always signal the start of a workout cycle for me because it’s such a tiring workout). Triceps were out because they were still really sore from last week (I really think I might have overdone it and given myself a bit of an injury so I’m giving them a thorough rest before targeting them again). Continue reading “Weekly Update #3”