Weekly Update #3

I made my target of three workouts again this week, but I had a hard time motivating myself or getting really excited about being at the gym, which is abnormal for me. I know some people find it really hard to get themselves to the gym, but I’m not usually one of those people. Wednesday was a little closer to normal, I was really itching to get to the gym during the day, but when I got there all the wind kind of left my sails. Hopefully I can either shake this funk or figure out what’s causing it so I can get back to feeling excited about my workouts.

Monday: Chest & Shoulders

I had a really hard time getting my head in the game today. I knew I was going to the gym but couldn’t decide which muscle group I wanted to work on. I didn’t want to do a big leg workout because there were still some muscle groups that I wanted to hit before starting my cycle over (leg workouts always signal the start of a workout cycle for me because it’s such a tiring workout). Triceps were out because they were still really sore from last week (I really think I might have overdone it and given myself a bit of an injury so I’m giving them a thorough rest before targeting them again). Continue reading “Weekly Update #3”


Weekly Update #2

I’m pleased to say that I managed to hit my target of three workouts this week! I think it helped that I picked three days that I was going to go to the gym ahead of time, though I did have to shift my Saturday workout to today because I went on a hike yesterday that ended up taking way longer than I thought it would. Knowing that I would be writing about my workouts also really helped me get my butt out the door. Turns out this public accountability thing really does work!

Tuesday: Triceps and Shoulders

I’ve been doing a couple of shoulder exercises at the end of each of my workouts so far because they’re one of my bigger weak spots (well, my whole upper body in general is a weak spot aha). I also think women look super badass when they have good, strong-looking shoulders so there are definitely some aesthetic reasons for me working out my shoulders haha (who doesn’t want to look like a badass?). Continue reading “Weekly Update #2”

Weekly Update #1

Well, it’s been a long time since I last wrote anything here. Waaayyy too long. It’s been taking me a while to adjust to some life changes that have happened in the last few months (new job and a move to a different city) and I haven’t been running or going to the gym so I haven’t really felt that I had anything to write about! However, I have finally joined a gym again and in an effort to get back into writing and to hold myself accountable and make sure that I actually go to the gym on a regular basis I’m going to start doing Weekly Updates (I got the idea from the lovely jenna runs who is currently training for her first marathon and is massively inspirational).

There might not be much to report on for the first little while because I’m really trying to focus on building sustainable habits this time instead of making a crazy commitment that I give up on because it’s too overwhelming. But hopefully there will be more as I get comfortable with the new routine! Let’s get into it. Continue reading “Weekly Update #1”

Doubt, The Asshole

Running – like life – has both its ups and downs. The ironic thing is that in running it’s the downhills that you look forward to. Downhills are easy: you can catch your breath a little bit and savour the ease at which you cover ground while gravity does a fair share of the work. Running up a hill is a different story, however, as gravity tries to pull you back down and you struggle to keep your legs churning to reach the top.

Well I’ve been stuck on a bit of an uphill for the last little while with my running. Ever since I did that 10k (yes I know that was a month ago) I have been having the hardest time running even the shortest distances. I can’t even finish a 5k before my breath is coming out in tight wheezes, I’m mentally exhausted, and my legs feel like they’re made of iron (as in they are very, very heavy, not that they are super strong). Continue reading “Doubt, The Asshole”

10k and the Grey Doe

I hit a very exciting milestone yesterday: I finished a 10k!! Now, I wasn’t able to run for the whole thing unfortunately, but I was able to keep my walking to short periods of time and I finished the final kilometre and a half without stopping to walk so I’m pretty happy with the results. My final time was just a few minutes over an hour – which I’m sure seems extremely slow to anyone who has been running at all regularly for a moderate amount of time – but I know that with a bit of practice I should be able to cut out the walking sections and improve my overall time!

The thing that kept killing me on this run was the hills. I usually run on pretty flat ground so I haven’t actually done a run with hills in years (yes, that is plural) but yesterday I was running in Hamilton which is almost entirely hills, much to my dismay. I decided to go running on some trails in the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) instead of on the roads and had to climb a fairly significant hill and then a smaller one to get to the trail head and I was already feeling very winded by that time, but little did I know that I would eventually encounter what felt like my Everest for that run. Continue reading “10k and the Grey Doe”

Initial thoughts

Well, today was the second day of my new, rather (read: very) intense training program, and I am already not keen on the food. The diet portion of this training program is very strict and involves eating only fish, steak, chicken, rice, broccoli, sweet potato, egg whites, and oats six or seven times per day.

The main thing that is causing me grief with this diet is the amount of time it takes to prep six meals a day, for seven days a week and following closely behind that is how bland the food is. I didn’t think it would be a huge problem because I usually don’t put a whole lot of seasoning in my food, but just these two days have been kind of brutal. I’m definitely going to have to up my spice and seasoning game if I want to keep eating these foods for the next three months. Continue reading “Initial thoughts”

Here’s the deal

Last month, right before my birthday, I decided that I wanted to run a marathon. Not right then and there, of course (someone would have had to come and peel my body off the pavement before the one quarter mark), but in the relatively  near future. I had been active for most of my life playing various sports like water polo, rugby, cross country, and some Try-a-Tri triathlons, but my level of fitness had dropped severely in my last year of university and I wanted to be fit again and have a six-pack (don’t we all). My solution to this desire to run a marathon was deciding to work up to this goal gradually over the next couple of years so that I wouldn’t quit two weeks in and just give up on it forever.

Since then, I’ve been fairly good at running on a semi-regular basis (much more often now than at the beginning of March when it was cold and gross and my excuse was that I would slip and injure myself if I went running) and I’ve been doing a decent job of eating well but it hasn’t quite felt like enough. Which is why, two days ago when two of my friends told me that they were doing a really intense 12-week training program, I impulsively (but quite seriously) said that I would do it with them. Continue reading “Here’s the deal”