Recipe: Cocoa Date Balls

This week I had a little more success in picking a “healthy” dessert that was actually close to being healthy. These date balls have just three ingredients (dates, nuts, and cocoa powder), are super duper easy to throw together, and they taste like a real dessert. Which of course made it very difficult to not eat the whole batch in one go haha.


I found the recipe over at the Simple Vegan Blog, and I modified it a little bit to suit what I had in my cupboards. I subbed in regular cocoa powder (the baking kind, not just hot chocolate mix, I promise) for the raw cocoa powder and almonds in for walnuts. One thing that I did not do, which I regretted a little bit, was soak the dates for a bit before making the recipe to make them a little more moist and mushy. The dates weren’t super fresh, but I decided to live on the edge (read: be lazy) and just throw them into the pseudo food processor (I couldn’t find my actual one). It worked out alright in the end, but it was more difficult and time consuming to form the “dough” into balls than I think it would have been otherwise, and the pseudo-processor complained quite a bit (oops).

My only gripe is that the recipe made so few of these delicious dessert-snacks. Next time I will definitely be doubling, maybe even tripling, the recipe (and yes, I will be soaking the dates next time). I think I’ll also be hunting up some more date ball recipes in the near future as there seem to be quite a variety of recipes and these ones turned out so well.

A huge thumbs up for these guys, and I would highly recommend testing them out for yourself!


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