Weekly Update #5: Back to Running!

I was back on track this week with my target of 3 workouts, and even better: I got to go for my first run in months and months because I finally got new running shoes!! Look at them: so pretty, so clean, so new! Just waiting to be taken out for a spin.


This week I also made a firm decision to cut back on my sugar intake. I have a huge sweet tooth, but it’s been undermining my efforts to eat healthy and I suspect my workout progress as well. So in a bold-ish move, I’ve decided to limit myself to a maximum of two sweet things per day. After I’ve done that for a while I plan to cut it back to one thing and then see where it goes from there. At the same time I’m hoping to find healthier sweet things so that when I do eat them, it’s not as bad for me.

This method was going fairly well until Saturday when my mom decided to bake a whole bunch of very tasty things. I have definitely gone over my limit of two sweet things over the last two days. On top of that there is now egg nog in the grocery store, which I love, and while some people will groan and say it’s too early for Christmas things, I am over the moon about it. But I’ll definitely have to watch my intake vs. workouts to make sure I don’t undo all of my work.

Tuesday: Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders

I was a little nervous going into this workout because I’d purposely avoided training my triceps for several weeks due to a suspected injury. I wasn’t sure whether it was safe to start training them again, but I decided to take things slowly and monitor how I was feeling very closely. I did end up doing less than I would normally try to do, spaced out the triceps exercises generously with other exercises to give them as much rest as I could, and my triceps felt fine the next morning. I’m going to keep training them slowly (and safely) and eventually bring them back up to my normal training level.

Flat bench flies
E-Z bar bench press
Skull crushers
Single arm rows + kickbacks
Standing military press
Cable rope triceps pulldown

Thursday: Legs and Shoulders

I always look forward to leg workouts. This might make me a bit of a weirdo, but I don’t care. I love how I feel a day or two after when my muscles are sore and I feel a bit like a baby giraffe trying to get its legs to cooperate. It’s so satisfying to know that my legs are getting stronger!

This week I added 20 lbs to my leg press (total of 110) and 10 lbs to my deadlift (total of 70). I’m still able to hit 3×12 for both of those exercises so the next time I do them I’ll be bumping up the weight yet again. I’ve also got my assisted pull-up weight to 70 lbs of counterbalance so I’m making progress with that one as well!

Assisted pull-up
Leg press
Hip adductors
Hip abductors
Standing leg curl
Seated leg curl
Leg extensions
Front raises
Bent over rear delt raises

Sunday: Run day!

I’m so so so excited that I get to start running again! The weather has been perfect for running for the past few weeks, not too cold and not too hot, and I have been aching to get out there. Now that I have new running shoes I can actually do that without injuring myself!

We had Daylight Saving Time kick into effect this morning so I gained an extra hour of time and instead of sleeping in I decided to get up at my “normal” time and go out for a run in my new kicks.


The run went pretty well considering that it’s been several months since my last one. I did a total of about 6km at a pace of 6-ish minutes/km. I did stop to walk once for about 150m or so, and then took a wee break halfway through to do some drills and some strides to give myself a bit of a rest, without bringing down my heart rate too much.

My right hip was a little achey towards the end, but I think it was mostly from me being out of practice. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, and if it keeps up I might have to make some adjustments to my gait. Overall: excellent run, and I can’t wait to get out for another one!

I’m also making some breakfast egg muffins today to try out for my breakfasts this week. I’ll write up another post later this week to tell you how they turn out!

What’s your favourite way to get fast (but healthy) fuel in the mornings?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update #5: Back to Running!

    1. Thanks! I’m trying really hard to keep them clean and pretty, but I doubt that will last long haha. Smoothies are a really tasty choice but I find they don’t keep me full very long. I think I need to start adding some protein powder to them.

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