Weekly Update #3

I made my target of three workouts again this week, but I had a hard time motivating myself or getting really excited about being at the gym, which is abnormal for me. I know some people find it really hard to get themselves to the gym, but I’m not usually one of those people. Wednesday was a little closer to normal, I was really itching to get to the gym during the day, but when I got there all the wind kind of left my sails. Hopefully I can either shake this funk or figure out what’s causing it so I can get back to feeling excited about my workouts.

Monday: Chest & Shoulders

I had a really hard time getting my head in the game today. I knew I was going to the gym but couldn’t decide which muscle group I wanted to work on. I didn’t want to do a big leg workout because there were still some muscle groups that I wanted to hit before starting my cycle over (leg workouts always signal the start of a workout cycle for me because it’s such a tiring workout). Triceps were out because they were still really sore from last week (I really think I might have overdone it and given myself a bit of an injury so I’m giving them a thorough rest before targeting them again). I ended up deciding to do chest and a big shoulder workout instead of the usual one or two exercises at the end that I usually do. My brain kind of froze when trying to think of chest exercises so it ended up mostly being a shoulder workout but I was still satisfied with how it went and I think I got a good amount of effort in.

5 minute warm up on the treadmill
EZ Bar bench press
Incline flyes
Seated military press
Seated bent over rear delt raises
Lateral raises
Front raises
Un-named exercise*
Push press
5 minute cool down on the treadmill

*This exercise was one that we did in the body pump class last Sunday, I just spent about 10 minutes looking for it on Google, but can’t find it so it’s going without a name. It was a combination of a lateral raise with elbows bent, and then rotating the forearms up to point to the ceiling after doing the initial lateral raise, then reversing that order to get back to the starting position. I’m mentally referring to it as “the robot”

Tuesday: Muffins!

Okay, so this isn’t a workout, but it kind of relates to me trying to make healthy eating choices so I wanted to include it!

I don’t know if you use Pinterest to collect recipes that you want to try out, but I do and I’ve managed to collect so many and have barely tried any of them. A lot of the recipes I collect are healthy versions of sweet things that I really like (like pancakes, muffins, granola bars, etc) so I’ve decided that I’m going to try and test one out every week.


This week is was these Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon muffins from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They probably aren’t as healthy as I could go because they have a lot of sweeteners in them (no refined sugar though!) but I figured I would ease myself into the healthy sweet treat lifestyle slowly. They tasted so good! Like fall in muffin form. They were a bit dry, but I’m pretty sure it was because I baked them for too long because the batter was incredibly moist going in. I’d highly recommend you try them out (if your oven runs a little hot, reduce the cooking time to keep them nice and moist).

Wednesday: Legs & Shoulders

In contrast to my dilly-dallying throughout the day on Monday, I could hardly sit still at my desk today. I just couldn’t wait to get home and go to the gym! Because I had so much energy during the day I’d made the decision to do a leg workout. But once I got to the gym, all my excitement seemed to suddenly fizzle out and I had a hard time trying to figure out which exercise to do next. I cut myself off after an hour or so, even though I kind of felt like I hadn’t gotten as much as I wanted out of the workout because it was getting late and I didn’t want to accidentally overwork my legs.

5 minute warm up on the treadmill
Quad extensions
Leg press
Standing leg curl
Smith machine squats
Standing military press
Rear upright rows
5 minute cool down on the treadmill

Saturday: Zumba

I made it out to the Saturday Zumba class this week and man was it a fun time! The instructor was crazy! In a very good way. She was smiling the whole time and looked like she was just having the time of her life up at the front of the class. Seeing her enjoying herself so much made me relax a little and enjoy the class too.

I wasn’t expecting it to be such a good cardio session, but I was sweating a ton and out of breath. I had a hard time getting a bunch of the moves right (apparently I’m not as coordinated as I would like to think haha) and concentrating on trying to do the right move  made it a little harder to just be in the moment and enjoy it the whole time. I think with some more practice and getting used to the kinds of movements that are done in the class will make me a tad bit smoother and able to enjoy more of the class. I’ll definitely be going to this one again!

That wraps up the activities for this week and it’s on to the next one! I haven’t decided which weekend class I’m going to try out next, so it will be a surprise, and I’m really hoping to figure out this low-energy funk I’ve been in this week.

How do you motivate yourself during your workouts?


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