Weekly Update #1

Well, it’s been a long time since I last wrote anything here. Waaayyy too long. It’s been taking me a while to adjust to some life changes that have happened in the last few months (new job and a move to a different city) and I haven’t been running or going to the gym so I haven’t really felt that I had anything to write about! However, I have finally joined a gym again and in an effort to get back into writing and to hold myself accountable and make sure that I actually go to the gym on a regular basis I’m going to start doing Weekly Updates (I got the idea from the lovely jenna runs who is currently training for her first marathon and is massively inspirational).

There might not be much to report on for the first little while because I’m really trying to focus on building sustainable habits this time instead of making a crazy commitment that I give up on because it’s too overwhelming. But hopefully there will be more as I get comfortable with the new routine! Let’s get into it.

Monday: First class at the new gym!

I joined a GoodLife gym, which I’ve never been to before, and I’m looking forward to trying out the different classes they offer. The only one that I’m able to get to on time on weekdays is a BodyFlow class which is a mix of yoga, Tai Chi, and pilates. I’ve only done a bit of yoga on my own – following an app’s instructions – and while it was okay, I wasn’t really sure I was doing it correctly, so I was interested to see what it would be like with an instructor.

The majority of the class was pretty good, the instructor was really nice and she’d built a good routine for the class. They’ve been doing the same one for a few weeks now so most of the people in the class knew it pretty well, which was good because I unknowingly put myself behind a post and couldn’t see the instructor for most of the class, but I was able to watch other people and follow along from that. The movement from pose to pose was a little faster than I was expecting and I was pleased to find out that my balance and flexibility were not as horrible as I thought they would be!

The only part that I didn’t like about the class was at the end when everyone was supposed to get comfortable and sort of meditate. I had been looking forward to it, and just having a quiet period of rest, but the instructor wouldn’t stop talking, which made it very difficult to concentrate. All in all, it wasn’t as much of a workout as I was hoping it would be, but I think it would be great for after a workout to stretch out and work on your breathing a bit. I think I’ll skip the last bit in the future though.

 Thursday: Leg workout (with a little bit of shoulders)

I got off to a bit of a rocky start on this one, having left my lock at home I had to rush out to a dollar store to buy one before I could go do my workout. Thankfully I wasn’t aiming to be at a class or I would have been rather late!

I took this workout a little easy in the planning department since I wasn’t sure what machines were available or how they were arranged. Usually I go in with a workout already planned with exactly what exercises I want to do. For this one I took a little wander around the gym to see what they had in terms of machines and then picked a couple exercises to do on the fly after that.

Here’s what I ended up doing:
6 minute warm-up on the treadmill
Hamstring curls: 4×12 (15 on the last set) @ 60 lbs
Quad extensions: 4×12 (15 on the last set) @ 50 lbs
Leg press: 3×20 @ 70 lbs
Standing calf raises: 3×30 @ 40 lbs (50 lbs on the last set)
Deadlifts: 3×15 @ 60 lbs
Overhead shoulder press with a barbell: 3×12 @ 30 lbs
Lying rear delt raises: 5×5 @ 10 lbs
5 minute cool-down on the treadmill

My legs and butt are very sore today haha.

Saturday: Hike (x2!)

This morning I woke up really early to go out and shoot some pictures/go exploring on some of the trails and then later in the afternoon I went on a hike with my family to go check out some waterfalls as part of our Thanksgiving weekend traditions.

That’s it for last week. Next week I’m hoping to get to the gym three times, twice for workouts on my own and then I’d like to try a class on the weekend!

Hope your week goes well!


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